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At BASIS Educational Ventures, we are committed to fostering a transformative educational environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, and interdisciplinary collaboration. As the parent company of BASIS Educational Group, we proudly manage the renowned network of BASIS Charter Schools and the innovative Schools for Advanced Studies network.

Unparalleled Academic Achievement

For over a quarter of a century, BASIS Charter Schools have consistently stood out as the most-acclaimed K-12 public charter school network in the United States. Whether it’s national rankings across various publications, OECD/PISA scores, AP Exam scores, college admissions, or the college merit aid earned by our students, BASIS Charter Schools have consistently surpassed expectations and set new standards of academic excellence.

A Comprehensive Educational Ecosystem

BASIS Educational Ventures operates several entities that specialize in different aspects of education management. The Better Education Company, the BASIS Charter School Curriculum Company, and Academy Partners are part of our ecosystem of expertise. With dedicated teams in curriculum development, facilities and operations, HR and communications, compliance and grants, enrollment and marketing, recruitment and training, and accounting and finance, we ensure a well-rounded support system for educational institutions.

Building Success Together

We believe in laying the foundation for success in every institution we work with. Our team of education management experts is here to collaborate with you, providing guidance, resources, and strategies tailored to your unique needs. We are committed to empowering students, educators, and administrators alike to cultivate a profound sense of purpose, possibility, integrity, and responsibility.

Discover the BASIS Difference

Experience the BASIS difference and unlock the true potential of your educational institution. Whether you are seeking to establish a new school, improve existing programs, or enhance academic outcomes, BASIS Educational Ventures is here to help. Our proven track record, unwavering commitment to excellence, and passion for transformative education set us apart.

Polymath is an educational management organization that provides comprehensive education management services to the Schools for Advanced Studies. Polymath is focused on fostering world-class academic standards based on the inherent joys of deep inquiry. It manages an advanced curriculum centered on energetic civil discourse, seminar discussion classes, and engagement in authentic creative processes across disciplines.

BASIS Educational Group is the Education Management Organization that oversees, operates, and manages the network of 39 BASIS Charter Schools, providing K-12 students with a transformative, liberal arts and sciences, college prep education. BASIS Ed is comprised of four divisions, each division guiding schools in one geographic location, and comprised of professionals in finance, facilities, operations, human resources, marketing, enrollment, communications, recruiting, and academics. The divisions of BASIS Ed include:

BASIS Ed Texas provides comprehensive education management services to all BASIS Texas Charter Schools.

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The School for Advanced Studies is a new network of tuition-free, public charter schools that will open its first campus in the Bentonville area for the 2024-25 school year.

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BASIS Curriculum Co.

The BASIS Charter School Curriculum Company administers, manages, and maintains the cutting-edge BASIS Charter School Curriculum, which has been raising the standards of student learning to the highest international levels for more than a quarter century. Its educators and academics curate, cultivate, and advance the Curriculum Company‚Äôs acclaimed academic program — which prepares K-12 students quite directly for higher education, the modern global economy, and the wider world, via a focus on liberal arts, humanities, and STEM courses taught by teachers who are experts in their academic disciplines.

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TBEC offers services focused on assessing, improving, and implementing academic solutions for individual schools, school networks, and school districts. TBEC utilizes advanced data mining and data assessment techniques which can be geared towards any area of academic need at any level including preschool, kindergarten, primary school, middle school, or high school. TBEC utilizes the approach, procedures, and science utilized by BASIS Charter Schools that made BASIS one of the top public charter school networks in the world.

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